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About me


Albert Nanning grew up in Groningen and became involved with photography and film during his study Dutch Language and Literature. He took a course in black and white photography and was occupied as a filmprogrammer at a movie theater for students for several years. He now lives and works in Amsterdam where he scours the streets in search of images. Also he likes to write and published two books, see also here.


Nanning is autodidact.

Development & Style

From 2004 he fully focused on digital photography. His work is characterized by a strong emphasis on framing, lineplay and shooting from extreme angles. This resulted in his mirror collages (Symmetry) that are both striking and intruiging, often with very powerful colors. Furthermore he's fascinated by trees, wind and objects changing over time.
Nowadays Albert focusses more on making series. He also started portraying people in the streets of Amsterdam.


You don't have to go far to discover beauty, It's closer than you think.
And one of my favorite writers Martin Bril once wrote: "First an artist has the obligation to search for beauty and second not to fall in the pit of seriousness."

© Albert Nanning

Exhibitions & News


I've been focussing on digital art lately which led to a whole new sectors called 'Digital' and 'Photoart'. Less harmonic, kind of controlled chaos. Also the focus becomes more to making series and projects. Website has been altered for the future.


I've made two books in recent years. Spoorboek and Tramboek


Through crowdfunding I'm busy making a book of travelling Holland by train and making notes, and photo's. See for details this website.

October 2017

Fotokrant from VCA for which I took several photo's. Kickoff is 19th october.

September 2017

News! I won a price. A picture which I posted on instagram on my streetphotography account was selected by Gemeentemuseum Den Haag for their contest Rumoer in de straat. My picture and others can be seen from 14 april 2017 until 05 nov 2017.


Mobile Group exhibition powered by VCA , Amsterdam


Small duo exhibition at Flevohuis Amsterdam together with Marijke Romkes. Involving chickens! Part of the project 'Henpower' which combines art with care.  


Group exhibition at Gallery Lokaalwv15, Amsterdam


Exhibition at HMC Actis Congres, Groningen  


Exhibition at Hot Ice gallery, Amsterdam.


Contemporary Art Exhibition with Dutch artists in Opera Gallery, Budapest.


Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. Group exhibition "Arte Mystica".


Solo Exhibition at Studio 1, Amsterdam.

nov 2008

I received a letter which stated that I won the second prize in an alternative photography contest organised by The National Photo Museum located in Rotterdam. The photo will be part of their study collection.


DV Blog

DV blog hosted a video of mine.

Click picture.


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